The decision of leasing a tank vs owning it can be an intimidating one to make, but it doesn’t have to be.  While there are arguments for doing either, leasing is most likely your best bet.  In fact, most customers choose to lease their tank, which makes sense – leasing a tank is just plain easier and puts a lot less strain on your bank account.  In case you’re still unsure, we’ve listed the reasons below:


Pros of leasing a tank with Como:

  • Enjoy peace of mind: We value both you as a customer, as well as safety.  Because of this, we maintain your tank and ensure it is working properly and up to code.  We make sure the tank is clean, safe, certified, and we can even keep an eye on your gas levels for you with the lease of a tank monitor.
  • Easier on the bank account: The upfront cost of leasing a tank is substantially less than owning, but the savings don’t end there.  We cover any inspection, maintenance, and repair costs (up to the 1st stage regulator) that may come up over time.  If you find that your propane usage changes, we will also upsize your tank if it’s aboveground for free.
  • Establish a relationship with your propane provider: We enjoy interacting with our customers, and know that our relationship with you is ultimately what keeps us in business.  Because of this, our lease tank accounts are prioritized in regard to delivery and service, so we take extra care of you if you find yourself in a pinch.


Cons of buying a tank:

  • High upfront cost: Buying a tank upfront is a large investment.  It’s not uncommon for a customer’s first bill to be an extra $1000+ when compared to a leasing option.
  • You are liable for all tank safety measures that come with owning a tank: This includes on-going care like maintenance and inspection.  If a repair is needed, you are also responsible for the cost of repair or replacement as well as any gas that was lost.
  • Special equipment and knowledge required: You will need to understand how your tank works, and what it takes to maintain it.  For safety reasons, we will not fill a tank that has not been properly maintained.
  • Lack of company relationship: With an owned tank, there are less opportunities to interact with us as your propane provider, which is a bummer for both of us.  If you happen to want to switch companies because you aren’t getting the local, family owned experience from us, a gas safety check is required by all competitors which is money out of your pocket.


Our brand-new lease program:

Now that you know that leasing your tank with Como is a much better investment than buying the tank outright, you can sign up today and start leasing a tank starting at $70 for the first year!  On top of this price, you can also enjoy:

  • Free gas checks
  • Free cathodic protection
  • Free tank maintenance and repair up to the 1st stage regulator
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Special deal on a tank monitor – free for the first year, and a discounted price after that.

Start leasing your tank with Como today and enjoy substantial savings and peace of mind!

*Lease cost depends on tank size