Summer is finally here!  And with summer comes parties, and if you’re like us, lots of them!  Whether you’re celebrating the 4th of July, a summer birthday, or just a long overdue get together with friends, bringing the party outside will give your party an atmosphere you will never be able to achieve indoors… especially when you have a backyard kitchen or dedicated grilling area.

When you can prepare food for your party outside, it opens a world of possibilities.  There are so many benefits to hosting your next party in your backyard.

You won’t have to go far to find your guests.

Have you ever hosted a party and ended up feeling like you were stuck in the kitchen while everyone else was in another room enjoying themselves? When you bring the party outside, the entertainment space is just steps away from your outdoor cooking area, making it a breeze to hang out with your guests while you cook them a delicious meal!

You’ll have more room in your kitchen.

Ok, so I know some of you read #1 and thought to yourself “but everyone gathers in my kitchen.”  If you had that thought, then this one is for you!

It is very common for guests to gather in the kitchen, but it can sure make for a very cramped cooking space.  Now imagine bringing your guests outside!  They can gather around your grill, maybe mingle by some tiki torches, or relax around a fire pit.  When you bring your cooking and entertainment space outside, your guests will still have access to you, just without the cramped cooking space.

Make your parties memorable!

Our favorite part about backyard parties is seeing how much our guests enjoy it.
There’s something about being outside that automatically “sets the mood.”  Just add lights, music of your choice, any lawn games or activities you want, pair it with food and drinks and you can turn any party into a relaxing laid back theme, or a “Party like it’s 1999” theme.  You get to decide.
But don’t get surprised if your guests talk about it for months or even years to come.

Have we gotten you excited to throw your party yet?  Are you already having visions of tiki torches, backyard lights, and maybe even a margarita in hand?

NOT SO FAST!  Before you jump on into party planning mode, don’t forget these safety tips to keep both you and your guests safe.

  1. Keep your grill away from your house. Some people even suggest 10 feet away!
  2. Check your propane hoses for any leaks before use.
  3. Make sure your grill is clean.
  4. Don’t leave your grill unattended while in use, especially if there are children at your party.
  5. Have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case of emergencies.
  6. If the flame goes out on your gas grill, turn off the propane, then the grill itself, and wait 10 minutes before relighting.

Everyone at Como Oil & Propane wishes you a great summer filled with memories to last a lifetime!

Stop by our Showroom for backyard inspiration, and while you’re here, make sure you’re stocked up on propane for your next cook out.

Happy Grilling!