When it comes to major residential and commercial spaces, propane is a greener fuel choice than electricity.

According to a study performed by Nexight Group and Energetics, propane-powered residential water heaters, furnaces, and more, greatly reduce greenhouse gas emission than the same items powered by electricity. For example, propane-powered residential furnaces emitted 73% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than those powered by electricity. Similar results were proven for water heaters.

In commercial locations, the results were also similar, with propane-powered furnaces emitting 34% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electrically powered ones and tankless water heaters emitting 49% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electrically powered ones.

There are many other benefits of using propane over electricity.  Just to name a few:

  1. Propane is cheaper. Heating a home with propane has shown to cost much less than heating a home with electricity.
  2. Propane is more reliable. While electricity is subject to power outages, propane is safely stored in a tank, ready when you need it.
  3. Propane furnaces last longer – 5 to 10 years longer in fact!
  4. Propane is warmer. Because an electric heat pump produces heat below body temperature, the air feels cool to touch.

If you would like to explore your options and see how propane can improve your home and save you money, contact us today!