Whether you’re designing your dream kitchen or just upgrading your appliances, choosing between a gas and electric range might be a hard decision.  

The truth is, most people only have experienced the joy of cooking on electric ranges and ovens. Mainly because they’ve been renters where only electric stoves were available, or they bought a house with an electric stove already installed. Either way, if this is you, let us introduce you to the world of cooking with propane.

Here are just a few of the advantages of cooking with gas:

  • Saves You Money. On average, cooking with propane costs less than half of what it costs to operate an electric stove.
  • Instant Heat.  Unlike electric elements, gas ranges respond instantly! No more waiting for the burner to heat up or cool down.  
  • Cook with any Pan. If the only cooking experience you’ve had is with electric stoves, then you know all too well the pain of cooking with a warped pan. It just doesn’t cook evenly! Gas burners do not have problems with warped pans, whereas electric (or even induction) heating elements require flat pans for even cooking.
  • Heat is Distributed Evenly. Warped pan or not, even heat distribution is one reason many chefs prefer gas. No need to worry if something is going to burn on one side of your pan and barley simmer on the other. Same goes for gas ovens; goodbye hot spots, hello evenly cooked casseroles!
  • No Power? No Problem! Unlike electrical appliances, you may be surprised that many propane stoves and ovens do not require electricity. This means that power outages will not stop you from cooking up a storm in the kitchen, even though it may be storming outside.

Do you still have questions about whether propane or electric is best for your cooking style? Contact Como today and we will help you find the best solutions to fit your needs.