Propane is becoming popular, not just for stoves and pool heaters, but also for fireplaces – thanks to their low cost and efficiency. Another key benefit for choosing a propane fireplace is their ease of use. For instance, all it takes to start a propane fireplace is a simple push of a button.

Propane fireplaces are also easier to maintain than other types of fireplaces. Propane fireplaces don’t leave sooty or black build up. Although propane fireplaces don’t need cleaning as often as regular fire places homeowners are not advised to dismantle or clean propane fireplaces without proper education.  Call Como today to schedule a service call to clean your fireplace!

There are a more benefits of choosing a propane fireplace such as:

1. The annual cost to operate a propane fireplace is low—especially in Florida.
2. No smoke or soot.
3. They offer more controlled heater and a larger heating capacity.

There are indoor and outdoor models which increase livable space for residential users. Alternative options to fireplaces include: fire pits, tiki torches, space heaters, and fire bowls.