On a temporary basis, construction workers sometime use propane-powered heating equipment during the cooler winter months. Propane-powered heaters can make certain tasks that depend on temperature possible, such as painting or drywall installation. Propane is also beneficial on jobsites because it is the cleanest fuel choice. While kerosene heaters sometimes cause film on walls, equipment, etc., propane heaters do not. In addition, propane heaters are also a financially smarter choice over electric heathers, which cannot generate the same amount of BTUs as propane heaters can.

With this in mind, the Propane Education & Research Council has offered tips to these jobsite workers, to help them stay both warm and safe while working during harsh weather.

  1. Make sure to choose a heater that is sized appropriately for the space you need heated.
  1. Be sure to only use heaters in well-ventilated areas.
  1. Only a qualified LP gas technician should be permitted to repair equipment when necessary.
  1. Only use heaters that have safety shut-off valves.
  1. Make sure to keep the heaters located away from combustible materials.
  1. Only use equipment that is in good working condition. Periodically check the equipment for rust, dents or other signs of damage.

By following these simply guidelines, workers will be working safely while also keeping warm.