Are you considering investing in propane? There may be some uses you may not know about.

Here are some of the many uses and benefits of choosing propane.

1. Cooking

There are many benefits to cooking with propane gas vs. electricity. These include low cost, more control over temperature, cooling more quickly when the flame is turned off, and its instant flame and heating time allow you to cook faster.

2. The Pool and Hot Tub

Do you have a heated pool or hot tub? Propane heaters can help your pool or hot tub reach the temperature you want very quickly. In addition, the cost of heating with a propane heater is much less than an electric one.

3. Outdoor Heating

Propane heaters can warm you and your family when there is a chill in the evening air on your patio. They can warm your outdoor porch or patio by up to 30 degrees warmer.

4. Water Heating

There are many benefits to choosing a propane water heater over an electric one. For starters, the temperature adjusting is more accurate, smaller than electric ones, they are available in a larger variety of sizes, they are less costly to operate, and they heat water much faster.

5. Generators

When choosing a generator, you have a choice of propane or natural gas. Propane is beneficial because it is available with an underground tank, which offers protection during a harsh storm.

6. Dryers

Propane dryers heat faster, reducing drying time. This helps make using a propane dryer less costly than an electric dryer. They also dry the clothes more evenly and have a reduced chance of damaging clothing.

7. Furnaces

Propane furnaces last longer than electric ones, and are smaller in size. They can also help keep your house warm during a power outage. In addition, heating your home with propane is less costly than with an electric heater.

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