Shocking Safety Measures

Aug 24, 2020

When most Americans are questioned about what factors they consider to be important relating to their decision on which propane company to choose, there are typically 4 main drivers that dictate their choice.
1. Safety

2. Referrals from friends or family
3. Reliability

4. Price

The first decision factor, safety, is what I’d like to go into more detail about. Generally, safety conflicts with price by lengthening total time per site to ensure proper connection is established and requiring additional parts and/or materials per tank set. A dielectric union is a prime example of one of those parts. While it doesn’t increase the length of the job time by much, it is an additional piece of equipment needed for safe connection that costs money. 

 All companies want to grow their customer base and there are 4 ways of doing this:
1: Buying out competitors
This is the big national companies’ preferred method. They swallow up local businesses, cut their labor force to outsource as many jobs to their headquarters as possible and raise prices by having a stronger influence in the area.
2. Operational efficiencies
This is our preferred method where we utilize industry-leading technologies to help lower the bottom line. Some examples of how we are able to achieve this are: efficient delivery routing, strategic bulk plant placements, risk/reward management within supply purchases and maximizing the efficiency per trip.
3. Bait and switch price strategies
This is another way big national companies prefer to make money. This is the easiest of the 4 to accomplish because it’s as simple as offering new customers very low rates to acquire as many as possible while raising prices of existing customers to maintain their profit margin. A new customer could get locked in for a year at $1.199/gallon while they charge their current customer of 10 years $1.699. That’s how they reward loyalty, by slowly creeping up their current customers’ price per gallon until they’re fed up and switch. Their main objective is to consistently take on more customers than they lose.
4. Cutting corners
This is the preferred method the smaller, shady companies choose to lower their costs and raise their profit margin. This is by far the worst option that a company can choose. It’s one thing to overcharge loyal customers but putting their lives at risk is totally unacceptable. 
Cutting corners unnecessarily jeopardizes the health and safety of real families for profit.
The likelihood something goes terribly wrong and the safety of the people living in the home or cabin skyrockets when one of these shifty companies cut corners. They are willing to potentially end a customer and their family’s life to save money. The worst part of it is they’re going to keep doing it and more companies with similar safety ideology will follow suit because there’s not enough safety regulation in the propane industry geared towards the end user’s safety. We don’t believe that shady companies trying to save a buck should jeopardize the safety of our friends, family and neighbors.
Customer safety is our top priority.
Last week, our strict due diligence and attention to detail to ensure customer safety paid off. One of our customers had a lightning strike in close proximity to their tank during one of the numerous summer storms. Luckily, that customer had chosen Superior Fuel for their propane needs and their dielectric union prevented any safety risks. Had this person chose to take their propane needs to another company, they may not have been as fortunate. Without this small attachment connected through the tank regulator, the electric shock could’ve passed through the tank piping system and into the home piping system, which could have led to a leak or even an explosion.

The picture above shows the difference between a brand new dielectric union and one that sustained a lightning strike!

Instances like these don’t happen very often, but it’s always best to be prepared for when they do. If you’re not currently a customer of ours and you purchase your propane from a different company, be sure to give them a call to ensure your tank connection is safely set up to code. We are working with Florida state government officials towards putting regulations in place that prevent the shady companies from cutting corners and risking lives. Any updates on our progression with them will be posted on our  Facebook page

Thanks for reading!