Baby, it’s cold outside.”  Well… here in South Florida maybe we should say “cool” outside, but definitely not as warm as our summer months.

Just because it’s cooler outside, doesn’t mean you can’t cook on your propane grill during the winter holidays! In fact, the cooler months are actually a wonderful time for barbecuing a meal for your family and friends!

Here are some helpful thoughts on the best way to use your grill this time of year

1. Plan on having extra propane on hand.

Because it’s cooler, you might use more propane than you would in the warmer months. That is because it takes longer to preheat your grill, which of course translates into an increase in the amount of propane that is used.

2. Plan for more time.

Preparation is key! In these cool months, prepare the food and the grill as much as possible in advance before grilling. Since your grill may take longer to heat up, plan ahead – especially if you invited hungry guests!

3. Don’t forget about visibility.

In the winter it gets darker much earlier! Consider a grill that includes interior lights during the winter; you can find these in our showroom! If you already have a grill that doesn’t have lights, don’t worry, you can turn on your home’s exterior lights to improve visibility.

Because you need to have extra propane during the cooler months, it is advised to keep an extra propane tank around if possible. In most cases, you don’t even have to worry about special storing procedures during the winter months. This is because it is safe to store propane in temperatures as low as -50 degrees!

For more advice on using propane year-round, visit or contact us with any questions you may have.