In our last article we talked about why the majority of chefs prefer to cook with gas and why you should too!

But what if you own a restaurant? Or are you a chef for a restaurant? Have you been thinking about switching to propane and dropping your electric appliances? Here are just a few reasons why your restaurant should take the leap and switch to propane.

Instant and accurate temperatures mean faster cooking times. It’s true! When you have to wait for your electric stove or cook top to reach the desired temperature it slows cooking time down, which means your customers will have to wait longer to receive their food. With propane, your desired temperature is reached almost immediately.  Faster cooking time equals happy customers.

 Will save your restaurant money!!!! If you’ve been in the restaurant business for long, you know that, more so than most businesses, saving money any way you can will make or break your business. Propane appliances are cheaper to operate than electric and will save you money every time!

 Propane can power more than just your range and oven. Did you know that propane can also power your deep dryer, BBQs, steam cookers, and griddles? The more appliances you have using propane, the more money you will save, making your establishment even more profitable.

 You can still serve your community even when there is no power. A few years ago I was talking to one of my friends who lives up north. She told me about a huge ice storm that knocked out power to her area for over a week and everyone was starting to panic. Then she found out that a restaurant in her town was powered by propane. The restaurant was able to open their doors and serve their community. When your business runs on propane, you too can serve your community in situations like this! That’s the beauty of propane, no power necessary.

 When you’re ready to switch your restaurant to propane, give us at Como Oil & Propane a call. We will be more than happy to discuss what would best fit your needs as well as a free quote to get you started. With more than 70 years experience, we trust that we will be able to find the best solutions for your establishment.