Frequency Asked Questions

No. Reason is the propane comes out of our truck so fast that we wouldn’t be able to shut off in time.

No, we have a cash card available inside for anyone who would like to fuel with us.

No, we only fill to 80%. Reason for that is the propane needs room to expand and contract inside the tank.

These are terms we use to describe your delivery schedule. “Will Call” means that you call us when you want us to come out and fill up your tank. This method is not usually recommended because it puts the burden on you to keep an eye on your gauge. Also, gauges typically have a range of 10% margin of error. “Dispatch” means we come out and deliver to you automatically on a schedule that you set.

On average your pool heater will use 2-4 gallons of propane per hour. The amount of gallons used depends on the size of your pool heater, size of you pool, and your desired temperature. Anytime you run your pool heater we highly suggest you keep an eye on your gauge or take advantage of our tank monitoring program. As a rule of thumb if your tank hits 30% call and let us know we need to schedule a delivery.

This depends on usage. A Como representative can recommend a delivery cycle that fits your needs. We recommend all customers be on dispatch to avoid running out of gas.

Yes we fill 10, 20, 30, 40lb, and forklift propane cylinders on property.

No we don’t. Please contact your county’s recycling center and they will be able to help or point you in the right direction.

Vero office is Mon­ – Fri 8am – ­5pm and Sat 9am – ­1pm.

Palm City office is open Mon – ­Fri 8am – ­5pm.