During a hurricane, it can be normal to feel scared. Being prepared and keeping yourself occupied can help give you the confidence that your family and home will be safe.

Here are some tips to get you through the storm:

  1. When the hurricane is six hours away from landfall, and you are not in an evacuation area, stay in your home. You may also want to let your family and friends know you are staying in.
  2. Charge your cell phone now so that you will have a full battery, in case you lose power during the storm. If you have a wireless battery charger, go ahead and get that charged too!
  3. Close all of your storm shutters, and make sure everyone knows to stay away from the windows. Even small objects can act as weapons when carried by fierce hurricane winds.
  4. Turn both your freezer and refrigerator to the coldest settings available. Doing so will keep your food and drinks fresher longer, in case you lose power during the storm.
  5. Turn on your television or radio to stay on top of the latest weather updates, and also emergency instructions.
  6. Have candles and flashlights with extra batteries ready to go. You never know when the power will go out.
  7. Stock up on extra propane.

Now, to keep your family occupied, try some of these tips, especially if you lose power and have kids that just beg to be entertained:

  1. Read a book. Whether it’s quiet time or group story time, catching up on some reading is always a great way to stay preoccupied.
  2. Take turns telling stories with shadow puppets.
  3. Play eye-spy.
  4. Prepare a box of art-and-crafts ahead of time. Some handy ideas would be glue, scissors, construction paper, paper cups, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, and if you’re really feel adventurous, paint brushes and water colors!
  5. Ad-lib puzzles. Let your kids choose the words and you’ll never know what to expect.
  6. Or you could always do the good ‘ole pillow fort with coloring.

Do you have any quick tips you think should have made the list?  Let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

Being prepared and staying busy can help ease nervousness and anxiety about what is going on outside.  Knowing that your home is powered by propane from Como Oil & Propane can also bring great peace of mind.  You will be able to rest easy (or at least the best you can during a storm) knowing that your house is business as usual while your family is safe and sound inside.  Contact us today and let us help you get ready for the 2018 Hurricane Season.