There are many benefits to choosing propane when building your dream home, and there is no better time to switch to propane than in the early stages of your build.

Let’s start with water heaters. New propane water heaters are tankless. This allows them to be smaller in size and offer consistent hot water at a significantly lower cost.

Propane can also be more cost-effective when it comes to heating your home compared to electric heating. That is because heat produced by propane is hotter than the heat produced from regular electric heaters. Propane heaters are also more reliable in case of power outages.

There are also many cooking sources powered by propane to consider during new construction, including grills, cooktops and ovens. You may also want to research the benefits of propane fireplaces.

Another propane-run product you may want to include in your new construction is a propane-powered generator. Having a propane generator can keep your mind at ease when facing a power outage or storm.

There are several reasons to choose propane for your new construction.

1. Efficiency

Propane can heat water much faster than an electric water heater can.

2. Cost

On average, propane costs about half as much as electricity.

3. Warmer

Compared to electric heat pumps, propane heaters are about 20 percent warmer. This also falls under efficiency and cost, because you will use less energy and money to heat your home.

4. Environmentally friendly

Propane does not contaminate ground water, does not promote soot or ash, and does not have high emissions – all making propane the best choice for the environment.

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