By now most of us are familiar with events like “Small Business Saturdays.”  We’ve heard the words “shop small” and even most of us have friends that own their own business.  We know that when we support locally owned and operated businesses we help someone support their family rather than help a big CEO buy his third private jet… but what are the benefits to you and your community when you do business locally?

  1. More reliable.  Have you noticed that larger stores have been closing locations recently, even if you thought they had good traffic?  Bigger corporations do that to cut costs and most of the time it’s the employees and the community that pay the price.  With local businesses, as long as they have a loyal customer base, they are not going anywhere.
  2. Improve your local economy.  When you support local businesses, more money stays in your community.  According to one study, when shopping locally, $68 of every $100 spent at local businesses stays in your city, whereas only $43 of every $100 spent at corporate and chain stores stays in your city.
  3. Better customer service.  How often have you tried to contact a bigger company only to be passed around from department to department to end up talking to someone you couldn’t even understand?  With local businesses, most of the time customer service is handled in-house.  What’s even better, locally owned businesses care about their community so they will strive to give you the best customer service possible.
  4. More jobs and better wages.  Local businesses not only keep more money in your local economy, but they also create more jobs and employees love working for them.  Why?  Because to a local business, their employees are actually real people, they’re family, they are not just another number on a spreadsheet.  When companies view their employees as family they are more likely to offer higher wages and better benefits.  It’s really a win-win for everyone.
  5. Better products and services.  Locally owned businesses take pride in their products.  Not only because they want to have loyal customers, but because they are part of the same community you are and they strive to improve their community any way possible.  The reason they opened their doors in the first place is because they saw a need, a way to improve their neighbor’s quality of life, therefore you are more likely to find a better quality product or service from a locally owned and operated business as opposed to a large chain store.

Como Oil & Propane has been servicing South Florida since 1967 and is proud of their high quality products and amazing customer service.  Come by our showroom and see for yourself how Como’s products and services can have a positive impact on your life.  From not being afraid of losing power during a storm by fueling your generator, to saving money on your utility bills by cooking with gas, you will be pleasantly surprised by Como Oil & Propane.